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About Steph Martin? Stories evolve in my mind. Characters take their places. I become not the teller but the communicator.

Through my keyboard, I bridge the gap between the physical world I live in, and the unseen world which speaks to me without words.


Oh look, there's a place to write things down here:


Just south of Hopland, California, the Russian River dances alongside Highway 101 in a way which forms pleasant little beaches. People who are looking to get even with all of life's cruelties tend to change their baby diapers and abandon them at the roadside. But  I'm certain those folks will eventually come to their senses and get over their vengeful tendencies. Raising children can be testy, but sooner or later parents come to the realization that the kids are more prone to clean up around the house if the parents demonstrate cleaning up Nature.




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It has been said, that from the process of gestation to our final day, we are humans in evolution. So then; during this evolutionary process, the question arises: Of what function is art? Is art defined as the gross national product by which we earn the American dollar? Or, is it the medium by which humans express and share the otherwise invisible core value of an individual’s own truth?

To experience the sensations of getting one’s body painted returns the heart to the place where the umbilical cord, inseverable, is still spiritually attached. Surely, if any of us were to be asked how we would live life over, we would choose to have participated in more dances. To receive the dance of soft brush stokes spiraling and sweeping upon the naked flesh returns ones soul to the moment of being formed in the womb.

Why nudity? To confront ones own anxieties, and to prevail. Such a minuscule victory should not be belittled. A healing process becomes ignited in the darkened corners of ones memory. During the process of being painted, a tranquility arises from the unfathomable depths within. It is at this point that a model becomes conscious of his/her self as an image; free from the visual tactics imposed upon us by social standards and the name-brand fashion industry. In this group setting, we become a beautiful host of enlightened beings; each one of us, a facet of a great portrait of the intangible bonds by which we become participants in the creation and evolution of Peace. We become a temporary portrait with an immortal pulse.

In the interest of making art a meaningful part of public life, we position our art in public view. When the body becomes the canvas, the artist/model relationships foster creativity. We become the unparalleled collection by which the public is encouraged to embrace a new way of seeing the world. By means of bringing the artist, the nude, the body paint, and the public together, we present ourselves; our truths; the core value of art as the most generous gift the public could hope to receive.


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